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Easy connection


It allows you to listen to Internet radio stations on the car stereo with USB input. Simply insert a 3G modem into the USB input on your radio and listen to your favorite Internet radio stations online like you listen to ordinary MP3 files.

iCarRadio: радио онлайн в автомобиле через USB
Playlist control

Create and edit your own playlist online at the website or by using a special application.

Individual settings

Depending on the speed (generation) of mobile internet in your area, you can individually adjust the playback options for comfortable listening

How it works?

Based on your playlist in PLS format (playlist is created with Winamp or website)  an USB drive is created in the modem and it generated files to MP3 format. Any device that can play MP3 music files, sees the modem as an USB flash drive and reads files from it while the flow is loading the selected Internet radio station.

What do you need?

For listening 4G ZTE 823D modem is required (optional MF823, MF825, MF 831, 830FT with Linux version 3.0.21+) with a package of the mobile Internet. The size of the Internet package choose independently. Your choice should be  based on the number of minutes per month, that you will be spending for listening to iCarRadio. It is simple to calculate: 1 minute of listening is about 1 mb (at a flow of 128 kb / s).​


You can use the modem for its intended purpose without any restriction. Without listening to the radio Internet traffic is not consumed.

Modem is available at provider's stores, as well as in any online-store.

Mobile operators offer a modem with unlimited internet card for a month for about $10, while online-stores -  for about $16.

How to use iCarRadio profitably

Usually, if we buy the modem for summer cottage (dacha), it is only used on the weekends, and the Ineternet package is not consumed completely. Take it with you during the week and listen to iCarRadio in your car.

Also, if Internet package on the phone is periodically remains unencumbered, it can be shared with the modem. All the mobile operators in Russia provide this option.

#iCarRadio и интернет радио на трассе М2
Sergey T

#iCarRadio и интернет радио на трассе М2

Setup and Download

Before installing, please check this options:


1. Modem firmware version must be at least WEB_BLERUSMF823V1.0.0B03. The latest version of the firmware can be downloaded here. Follow the installation instructions. If you have the firmware version V1.0.0B01, you must first upgrade it to version B02, and then to B03


2. It is necessary to force the switching-on modem mode, without launching Zero CD with drivers (command 1)

  • 1) AT + ZCDRUN = 8 disable autorun USB CD-ROM)

  • 2) AT + ZCDRUN = F + modem card reader + USB CD-ROM

If your cassette player does not see the modem as a flash drive, try to execute the command 3 after command 1.

To convert to the AT command mode, you can use DC-Unlocker.

It is possible to enter commands and switch-off from the diagnostic mode.

Instuction  here or here.


3. Insert the modem into PC's USB port and wait until it will be initialized and connected to the Inernet.


4. Connect to the modem TELNET and enter login root and password zte9x15


5. Enter the following command line:

  cd /

  ftpget -u wr -v installwr

  chmod +x installwr

  /installwr 823

 6. After installation router will reboot.


All files related to the Internet radio, will be placed in the root folder.
The installation was successful if: 
a) while loading the Internet radio LED flashes blue, and then red. 
b) USB drive with music files will appear on your PC


If not, check this steps: 
- if there is file /etc/init.d/ftp. It must have the executive excess. 
- if there is file /etc/rc5.d/S99zradio. This is a link to the aforementioned file. 
- There should be the line tcardfile = "/ dev / rb1" in the file / bin / ztemount


You can launch a test playing one of the files on the computer before connecting it to the car.


If you like the program and you would like its further development and want to support the developer, you can repay by transfer any amount you comfortable


Thank you!


Edit playlist of internet radio

Вы создаете плейлист на специальном сайте. 

Затем модем самостоятельно скачивает плейлист и сохраняет его у себя. После этого остается только перезагрузить его.

1. Заходим на сайт плейлистов по адресу:

где <IMEI> это номер вашего модема. Он написан у вас под крышечкой. Обычно он имеет 15 цифр.

Вы можете посмотреть номер перейдя по ссылке:


Вместо m.home подставьте IP адрес вашего модема.

2. Создаем и сохраняем список согласно инструкции на сайте.

3. В автомобиле запускаем любую радиостанцию на воспроизведение

4. Начало обновления покажет быстро мигающий зеленый светодиод, окончание - быстро мигающий синий.

5. Перезагружаем модем


  • URL радиостанции может содержать ссылку на плейлист. В этом случа вы можете всталять ссылку прямо с популярного сайта интернет радиостаций

  • Имена радиостанций должны содержать только буквы латинского алфавита, цифры, пробелы, подчеркивания.

  • Flow of radiostation mast have MP3 format.

  • Also you make list in Winamp and save his to file tunein-station.pls.  Then you upload this file to router via FTP.

  • Max count of internet station is 128

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